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SalonSpy provides listings for every salon and spa in the UK and offers an interactive platform to post salon reviews and create local rankings.

How To Use

We will have listings for all hair salons, beauty salons and spa retreats in the UK categorised by location. Whether you're looking for a new salon in your local area, or visiting a different area and looking for an appointment, SalonSpy provides you with an easy-to-use salon finder to help you locate the perfect salon or spa, complete with real consumer reviews and ratings.

For every salon in the UK listed with us, you will be able to register with SalonSpy and leave a publicly displayed review of your experience to help other people like you to find the best salon experience.

The nature of the site is to ensure that all salons - irrespective of size - will have the chance to be ranked based on the same performance criteria generated from genuine clients' experiences.

Guide to posting salon reviews

Honesty is the key!

Our vow is to ensure that all of our reviews and rankings are as honest as possible. Any salon review you provide will help to guide other users which salons to visit, and to help salons get genuine and constructive client feedback about how to improve their service.

All salon reviews submitted must be based on own individual experience and not affected or influenced by any third party. They must provide a completely unique and individual appraisal of the salons services and performance to help provide an unbiased reflection for other users.

The salon reviews provided must not be written by management, owners or employees posing as clients, and any reviews to this effect will be flagged and removed.

In order to ensure all reviews are respectful and honest, please refrain from using individual stylist and employee names or any insulting language.

For each salon visit you may submit one review, but you may submit subsequent reviews for any follow up or additional visits to compare your experiences or feed back to salon owner's responses.

Salon owners

If your hair salon, beauty salon or spa retreat is listed on SalonSpy, you can register as the owner in order to publish further information on your business and other features, such as how to maximize your position on Salonspy.

Please visit our salon owners section for more information.

Misuse of the website

We do not condone any sort of fraudulent or influenced salon reviews.

If we suspect reviews posted on SalonSpy to be fraudulent, we may take the following actions :

  • The salon may drop in the local popularity index rating.
  • A large warning will be attached to the review to notify other users.
  • If proven to be fraudulent the review may be removed permanently.
  • The individuals account may be suspended.

Any review posted as suspicious will be immediately quarantined pending further investigation.