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Review for: Andrew Jose Salon in London







Client Requests Ignored with Unfortunate Outcome

3 Andrew Jose Salon I did not have the good experience or outcome at this salon, as described by other reviewers. The salon itself is very bright + clean, and the staff are friendly. But unfortunately the stylist I saw needs to work on communication, listening to the customer, and hair cutting techniques.

I went twice within 5 days - the first time I started with long middle of my back length hair and asked for a shoulder length cut, a bit shorter in the back and longer in the front. Instead, I got all one-length just below the shoulders. So I scheduled to go back for a "correction", and shared yet more photos and a video ( of exactly what I wanted in terms of length and style, which to be clear, was a blunt cut where the back hits at the shoulder line/top of the back (no neck showing!) with long layers cut in to create texture and volume, and the front would be slightly longer. I ended up with a bob, where the back is so short you can see my neck (exactly what I said I didn't want), and the front is longer but does not connect to the back.

I am so disappointed, as the haircut I am left with is not only way too short but so technically amiss that I will need to pay to get it fixed elsewhere. Training around communication, listening, questioning and interpreting requests, and understanding client-specific hair types and needs is desperately needed.

Published: 2017-04-28 08:51:48
3/ 5stars